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28% of Canadians, an estimated 8.1 million provided care to a chronically ill, disabled or aging family member or friend in the last 12 months according to Statistics Canada.

Caregiving and Eldercare is a fact of life for many of your employees, whether they are caring for a parent, spouse or special needs child. Caregiving impacts their ability to manage other responsibilities such as career and family life. Caregiving has been well documented to increase absenteeism and decreases the number of hours employees can devote to their careers. Your employees need help. That’s why we created Eldercare Select.

Eldercare Select provides your employees unlimited access to customized one on one coaching and guidance from a Registered Nurse dedicated to their unique case, to help them manage and navigate through any care-giving challenge they might be facing. A road map is created for the employee by their Nurse, outlining all their available options surrounding their caregiving situation. Specific factors such as geography, health condition, current living situation and many more are incorporated to our personalized coaching, so that our clients can make informed decisions for those they care about.

Eldercare Select is a unique service in Canada; no other organization provides the depth of expertise and personally customized service that we do to our members. Service is available in both French and English.

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